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...a confetti storm has come.

22 June
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I live in Milan, plan to move to Helsinki, been living in Venice and Japan. I'm rather shy but i love to have a lot of people around me. I'm lazy unless there's a party or a gig. I usually spend ages figuring out what to wear because i'm always worried all my latex/sequinned/leather/or worse outfits could be not flashy enough: as a wise friend says, "stay oshare!"... and for the record, "oshare" is NOT a synonym for "visual kei style". I have the (un)fortunate tendency to get lost in unachievable fairytales. I love stories - any kind of story - and if a book is good enough, i can easily forget to eat just to read on. There are only few things that annoy me: bullying, arrogance, and narrowmindedness.
That's basically it.

This is me, looking quite surprised about the size of my own nose